6 x Piz Buin Summer Sensation Body Moisturiser 200ml

Now you can look and feel as if you've just stepped off the beach every day of the year by gradually building up a gorgeous, natural-looking tan!

Piz Buin Summer Sensation Body Moisturiser puts you in control of gorgeous, natural-looking colour. Combines just a hint of self-tanner with the benefits of a daily body lotion. Allows you to control how deep your tan looks by gradually building up colour with each application. At the same time, the fast absorbing, vitamin enriched moisturising formula will leave your skin feeling soft and moisturised all day long for an even, gorgeous, natural looking tan with a light sun kissed summer scent.

Contains Vitamin E for expert moisturising. A natural tan will develop after several days of daily use. 

Pack Size: 6 units @ £2.65 each (RRP £9.99 each)
Price: £17.70 Reduced: £15.90
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