24 x Max Factor Lasting Performance Touch Proof Foundation - ASSORTED

Max Factor Lasting Performance Touch Proof Liquid Foundation feels natural on the skin because it is specially designed with silicones that feel lighter and less greasy than some traditional oil based formulas.

The Lasting Performance Foundation range provides you with long-lasting, smudge-resistant coverage throughout the day. It glides beautifully over the skin to leave your complexion looking fresh and natural with an entire 8 hours of stay-put perfection.

Specially designed with lightweight silicones and a hard-wearing touch-proof system, it can stand up to rubbing and touching all day long and unlike other oil-based foundations, it will not clog pores or irritate skin.

Each pack contains assortment FROM the following shades:

100 Fair

101 Ivory Beige

102 Pastelle

103 Warm Nude

105 Soft Beige

106 Natural Beige

108 Honey Beige

109 Natural Bronze

Pack Size: 24 units @ £3.40 each (RRP £9.99 each)
Price: £81.60
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